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Sales 360, LLC can take your company on a 360-degree turn around from struggling actor to bright new star! If your company is going to out-perform the competition, it will need a larger audience and great reviews. We know how it’s done, because we’ve been there. Now we are helping other companies to reach a wider audience, to increase sales, and, ultimately, to become star performers.

Take advantage of our excellent track record in sales and marketing. Our reputation speaks for itself.

Increase Revenue

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ron Pietosi for more than a year now while supporting his Direct Consumer Sales Channel. During the time I have known Ron, as the Director of this channel, and supported his group, he has led them to expand into many markets and to become a great source of revenue for our company.

His channel successfully reached Customer's that expand beyond our conventional channels. I have also had the pleasure of working with Ron to develop the current curriculum that is being trained in his channel, and has led his Direct Consumer Sales Agents to success.

He has also helped to create a manual to help his newly hired Managers to acclimate to their new roles quickly. It is a pleasure working with someone with whom you can see a clear vision. - Linda Wiggins, Supervisor of Training, Windstream Communications, June 22, 2012


“I have known Ron for well over a year, and in this short time, Ron has built, from the ground up, the Windstream Door-To-Door sales team, and the success of this unit has been phenomenal. Ron is both an excellent manager of his staff and motivator.”
- Ned Brigman, Enterprise Network Manager, Windstream Communications, June 6, 2012


Ron is a top notch proven sales leader that drives results with passion and integrity. He has an ability to rally the sales force and to generate excitement and buzz like no other. He is a huge asset to the team and I would highly recommend his ability to lead any sales organization. - Jason Bates, Director - Consumer Sales, Windstream Communications, May 16, 2012


Motivate Your Sales Team

“I am fortunate to have worked for Ron in my time as a consumer sales specialist at Windstream. Ron is a bright, hard working, and effective leader. I always felt like Ron would openly listen to any ideas and was a great listener. His ability to motivate and effectively deliver a powerful message is unlike anyone I've worked for in the past. I truly respect Ron and hope that one day I can work for or with him again.” - Andrew Callihan, Direct Sales Representative, Windstream Communications, March 22, 2012


“Ron is one of the most financially savvy and driven Leaders I've worked with in my career. As his peer, I often go to him for guidance because he has shown, time and again, that his style of leadership is very effective, and the choices he makes almost always yield a positive result. Even with the difficulty of Leading a national door-to-door sales team, Ron has excelled at his position, and made a huge contribution to our part of the business.

I'd recommend Ron for any Leadership position because he has shown his ability to be an effective Leader in any situation, understands the impact of his decisions at all levels, and is able to motivate his team to overachieve in challenging situations!” - Troy McDaniel, Director - Consumer Sales, Windstream


Communications, March 21, 2012

“It has been a pleasure to watch Ron start up our Consumer Sales force and see it grow into what we have today. These folks are a direct reflection of why we can make statements like we have the lowest line churn in our space. That is very important to us, and Ron has led that charge with passion and perseverance. Thank you Ron for what you and your team do.” - Richard Taylor, Technical Services Manager, Windstream Communications, March 21, 2012


“I would recommend Ron, he does a great job of motivating his team and holds them accountable for their performance. He handles any issues quickly and efficiently and always remains positive!” - Susan Wise, Area Manager Retail Sales, Windstream Communications, March 20, 2012


Cast Your Vision

“It has been my pleasure to work with Ron on more than one occasion. In the wireless world, Ron managed the Nicholasville retail location for Wireless Warehouse, when I worked as the Indirect Account Manager for Bellsouth/Cingular. And, most recently, our paths have crossed again in the landline world at Windstream.

Ron's work ethic is unsurpassed, as is his focus on over-achieving any goal set forth. He is a team player and one who embraces his job with passion and dedication. He is the kind of guy you want on your team!”

- Vickie Medley, B2B Sales Specialist, Windstream Communications, March 20, 2012


“Ron has a tremendous positive drive that allows people to enjoy working vigorously with him to accomplish the wonderful vision that he has cast for the channel. Ron is a true servant, leader, and mentor, for anyone who has had the pleasure to know him.”
- Clifton Kretzer, sales manager, Windstream Communications, March 20, 2012


“Ron is a good person and a good colleague. He is a results oriented individual, and always has the customer’s best interest at heart.”
- Herman Thomas, Director Business Solutions, Windstream Communications, March 19, 2012


Hire Motivation, Leadership, and Results!

If you want motivation, leadership, and results from your current sales team, contact us today. We will work with your current team until they are producing to their full potential.

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